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The Light of God’s Word in the Coronavirus Pandemic


America, it’s time to pray!

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If you would have told me a few days ago that markets would be depleted and that we could not hold church services on Sunday, I would have thought that you were an alarmist. And if you would have added that it would be best for me to “self-quarantine” because I am one of the “vulnerable” to COVID-19 (I’m 67) three weeks ago, I would have thought that you had lost your mind.

Well, it’s happened. What a difference a few days make.

The President has declared a national emergency and America is in an absolute panic.

I’m not quite sure why so many people have emptied the store shelves of toilet paper though. It has become so valuable that we may start using it as currency!

“How much for that coffee? Will two squares of toilet paper do?”

All joking aside, you can see the fear on peoples’ faces. They are alarmed and feel as though they don’t have control, because the truth is, they don’t.