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The Light of God’s Word in the Coronavirus Pandemic


COVID-19 Special Update

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Dr. McGee is teaching us that right now in our study of 1 Peter. By God’s design, this book about “hope in suffering” was perfectly timed to minister to our Thru the Bible family during this stressful season brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.

In compliance with the California governor’s mandate to stay at home, our Pasadena office is now closed. That said, your calls will still be answered 24/7 and is still fully functional. However, please wait to place any orders for resources until after this storm has passed and our fulfillment team is back in the office.

As you are likely home, too, and we are all out of our normal routines, we shouldn’t think for a moment that God isn’t fully present, fully at work, and fully in control. In fact, in times like these, His glory is best seen against the backdrop of people’s fear and uncertainty.