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The Light of God’s Word in the Coronavirus Pandemic


Jesus, The Coronavirus, and You: Two Questions to Ask When Fear Grips Your Heart

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Written by Chip Ingram | What does it look like for Christians to live like Christians in the midst of this global crisis? How are we to respond to this worldwide pandemic, when fear is high?

As I write this, our world is reeling from a lethal outbreak of a new coronavirus (COVID-19) for which there is not yet a vaccine. In just a few months it has spread from a dozen cases in China to tens of thousands across continents, and the numbers are expected to rise. Governments are restricting travel, banning large gatherings, closing businesses, and shutting schools. Stock markets have tanked.

It’s a scary time. And uncertain time. So what do we do?

Although I believe we need to be informed and take every precaution recommended by public health experts, I believe living in FEAR is not an option. But how can we overcome our fear?

Two Questions to Ask When Fear Grips Your Heart

Fear is a natural response for humans. But the Word of God, in light of our ever-present, all-powerful, all-knowing, loving God, commands us to fear not. No command in scripture is given so often and to so many different kinds of people as the command to fear not!

Jesus provides the answers to our fear!