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The Light of God’s Word in the Coronavirus Pandemic


How to Have Peace in Anxious Times [Free PDF Download]

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It’s an epidemic that spans the globe and the generations and likely has invaded your home—and your heart, too. Call it “worry” or “anxiety,” most of us suffer at times through sleepless nights and anxious days with some worry on our mind that won’t go away. Sound familiar?

Anxiety is a painful uneasiness that feeds our private fears. In its mildest form we simply churn. In its most severe form we panic. The word “worry” actually means “to strangle,” and that’s what it does to our godly perspective. Eventually we lose focus on what matters.

But anxiety does do one good thing: It shines a spotlight for us on how much we need the Lord. That’s what Dr. McGee reminds us of as we explore God’s Word and discover God’s solution to the things that keep us up at night. Be willing to do this one thing and be ready to receive God’s unexplainable peace.

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