Program 3618 Denise Shick Pt 2 (PG) on Bott Radio Network

Program 3618 Denise Shick Pt 2 (PG)

Christian talk radio with Radio Drama Production

May 17, 2020

Denise Shick Pt. 2 (PG) (Forgiveness, Transgenderism, Family Dysfunction, Ministry) When Denise came to the Lord she had no idea how hard it would be to forgive her father for confiding his sexual secrets with her at the age of 9, and molesting her as a developing child. She thought it would be easier after her father became a Christian, but betrayal of a Pastor left her dad's reformation in crumbles. On her wedding day, he shared his full reversal as they walked down the aisle. Then he left their family to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a woman. Forgiving him then felt impossible until cancer left him on his deathbed, and he realized how he'd lived deceived. Denise speaks out about churches endorsing alternative lifestyles and wrote a book and directs a ministry to offer support for families like her own.

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