Program 3628 Steven Morris on Bott Radio Network

Program 3628 Steven Morris

Christian talk radio with Radio Drama Production

July 26, 2020

3638 Steven Morris (Military, Missions, Struggles, Sacrifice) Steven grew up accustomed to change at an early age because of his dad's army job. He went on to follow his dad's footsteps and joined the army as a rifleman. His first jobs were working on ships and Steven fell-in with a crowd of partiers and thrill-seekers. When he left the military, he wondered what meaning he could make of his life. He fell in love with Linda and discovered the love of Jesus through a book about the Bible. Soon, they started a family and followed God's calling to serve the Spanish-speaking community in Tijuana. They overcame many obstacles, struggling financially and physically to serve in this environment. After some time, Steven continued his ministry in Brazil delivering gospel tracts to nearly 1 million people over the course of his life.

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