What to Do When It Feels Hopeless - Part One on Bott Radio Network

What to Do When It Feels Hopeless - Part One

Christian talk radio with Rick Warren

July 31, 2020

Everybody has a God-given mission in life. Unfortunately, many people never discover it and that means they will never know what it means to really live. In this series, Pastor Rick, teaching from the book of Jonah, shows how God pushes you toward your life mission, even giving you a second chance to fulfill it. In this message, Pastor Rick shows what happens when Jonah runs back to God in order to fulfill his life mission. But God had to put Jonah into what appeared to be a hopeless situation to get his attention. We learn seven things to do when you feel a situation is hopeless. Join Pastor Rick as he discusses the biblical principles for responding to feelings of hopelessness. This includes looking to God for your rescue, praying passionately, and focusing on the goodness of God.

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