Program 3639 Paul Pierucki on Bott Radio Network

Program 3639 Paul Pierucki

Christian talk radio with Radio Drama Production

October 11, 2020

3639 Paul Pierucki (Addiction, Aimlessness, Grief) Paul was impacted by his dads alcoholism at an early age. Not only did he lack an intimate relationship with his dad because of it, but Paul was driven to drink and do drugs himself as a young kid. He became a rebel amongst his friends and seemed to cause damage wherever he went. When he moved away to Houston, he heard the gospel several times, but it didn't land on him. He met and married Paula and they moved home where they took care of his parents in their final years. The loss of Pauls mom and dad began a chain of losses that took a toll on their marriage. They had a baby to try and save things, but Paul couldn't get over his drug use. After an invitation to attend church with a colleague, Paul heard the gospel and was saved. His wife soon followed. He went onto become a pastor and missionary.

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