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December 16, 2021

Jesus Christ Unveiled - C

In both the Old Testament and New Testament, there is harmony in the scripture. 'Jesus Christ unveiled’ comes from the entire Bible. In the book of Revelation, John wrote down all that he saw and heard, and concluded that Jesus is the Christ, exactly as He said He was all along.

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About Real Life Radio

Real Life Radio is the daily, half-hour program of Jack Hibbs, Founder and Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills in Southern California. Pastor Jack is best known for his passionate, expositional teachings, through the timeless truth of God’s Word. Real Life Radio takes listeners verse-by-verse through the Bible.

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Broadcast Episode


Being A Believer - 2B

Today, Pastor Jack teaches that we need to apply God’s Word personally. It is essential for us to search our hearts and know that Jesus is real, and remember our Lord's forgiveness.

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Broadcast Episode


Being A Believer - 2A

Today, Pastor Jack teaches that when we break away from our own troubles and concerns, we become more satisfied. By relying on Christ our fears actually begin to dissipate.

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Broadcast Episode

Wednesday, June 12

Being A Believer - 1B

Today, Pastor Jack teaches that the communion table is one of unity. As believers we have made the choice to be satisfied in Christ and we have embraced His new covenant of salvation.

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Broadcast Episode

Tuesday, June 11

Being A Believer - 1A

Today, Pastor Jack teaches that as Christ followers we need to remember our freedom from divisions. We are to come together as a community regardless of our status, finances, or nationality.

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Monday, June 10

Living In The Daze of Deception - Part 2

With deceit surrounding us daily like a cloud and trying to infiltrate our minds, we are able to walk a straight and narrow path forward without being touched by it. We simply need to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and keep our eyes on the destination. Learn more about how that’s done in today’s episode.

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