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What’s in a Name? | Christmas Message

A New Beginning

Christian talk radio with Greg Laurie

December 19, 2021

In this special Christmas episode, Pastor Greg Laurie teaches on the meaning of Jesus Christ's name and why it gives us hope! Notes: At the name of Jesus Christ, every knee will bow! Isaiah 9:6 The Christmas story is about more than a birth but also a gift. 1. Jesus’ name is wonderful (this takes care of the dullness of life). Only God is awesome! 2. Jesus’ name is Counselor (this takes care of the decisions of life). 3. Jesus’ name is Mighty God (this takes care of the demands of life). Jesus Christ is Mighty God. 4. Jesus’ name is Everlasting Father (this takes care of the future of life). 5. Jesus’ name is Prince of Peace (this takes care of the disturbances of life). The incarnation was for the atonement; the birth of Jesus was so there would be the death of Jesus. Red is the color of Christmas because Jesus’ blood flowed from that cross for us. God offers a gift to you: Eternal life through Jesus Christ. Have you received the gift of Christmas yet? --- This year-end, support the work of evangelism through Harvest Ministries by going to harvest.org/support. Learn more about Greg Laurie and Harvest Ministries at harvest.org.

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