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A New Beginning

Christian talk radio with Greg Laurie

June 4, 2022

In this special episode, Pastor Greg Laurie shares a few things that the devil knows—and why you should care! Greg Laurie: I know we don't like to talk about him, but it's important to understand our adversary. Let me tell you something that might surprise you about Satan: he is quite “orthodox” in his beliefs. Now let me explain. I'm not suggesting that he's a believer by any stretch of the imagination. Actually, he is the great opponent to God. But for instance, the Bible says the demons believe and tremble. The devil knows and the demons know that God is real. The devil is neither agnostic nor atheist. Number two, the devil believes that Jesus is God, because in the temptation, in the wilderness, he said to Christ, if you're the Son of God turned this rock into a piece of bread, but a better translation would be “Since you're the Son of God . . . . ” The devil also believes the Bible is the Word of God. He hates it. He opposes it. But he knows it's true. And he also knows that Jesus is coming back again. We read in Revelation that the devil knows he has a little time. And that is why he is wrecking so much havoc in the last days—and yes, I believe we're living in the last days. So the devil is active, trying to cause trouble, trying to keep people from coming to Christ, trying to cause division among Christians and on the list goes. If the devil and the demons are so motivated to do their dirty work, as Christ is approaching, should we not as Christians be doing as much, if not more? Let's apply ourselves. Jesus is coming. Let's tell someone about Him and engage them in a conversation about Christ. Learn more about spiritual warfare this weekend with Pastor Greg’s special message, “Angels and Demons. ” Attend online at https: //harvest. org/live/.

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