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Don’t Make Deals with the Devil | Sunday Message

A New Beginning

Christian talk radio with Greg Laurie

August 7, 2022

We don’t leap toward spiritual decline, but crawl toward it, little by little; and we experience it when we give the Devil a foothold. As Pastor Greg says, “Show me a Christian who’s starting to compromise, and I’ll show you a Christian who’s headed toward spiritual ruin. ” Hear what else he has to say on the matter in this Sunday episode! Notes Do not' make deals with the devil, you will lose. The devil is evil, the devil is wicked, and the devil is cunning. A Christian who begins to comprise is headed toward spiritual ruin. You are loved, you are needed, and your life matters! Distressed in debt and discontented. 1. Distressed. Under the pressure of stress. 2. In Debt. To have a number of creditors.  3. Discontented. To be bitter of soul, having been wronged or mistreated. God specializes in taking the outcasts of this culture and making them people of God. We see ourselves for what we are; God sees us for what we will be!  “Saul sought him every day, but God did not deliver David into his hand. ” —1 Samuel 23: 14 Satan is described as, “A roaring lion, looking for someone to devour. ” Satan believes the Bible and knows that his days are numbered.  1. We need to do God’s Will the right way at the right time. 2. We should not take vengeance on people, even if they deserve it. Forgiveness is not a suggestion in Scripture; God commands it! Forgiven people should be forgiving people! “Everyone thinks forgiveness is a lovely thing until they have someone to forgive. ” —C. S. Lewis To forgive means, surrendering the right to get even.  Godly sorrow produces repentance. 3. You cannot make deals with the devil. Any person can be saved, regardless of what they have done! The price has been paid for our redemption. The debt has been canceled. Scripture Referenced Ephesians 4: 27 Psalm 57: 4 Ecclesiastes 3: 11 Romans 12: 14, 17-19 Ephesians 4: 31-32 Colossians 2: 14

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