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A New Beginning

Christian talk radio with Greg Laurie

September 4, 2022

How can I serve God? That’s a question every Christian should ask themselves. As Pastor Greg Laurie says, every Christian is called to serve Him—and it should be our greatest joy. See what other insightful comments he has in this special message. Notes “For David, after he had served the purpose of God in his generation, fell asleep. ” —Acts 13: 36 To fall asleep means, “to die. ” A long life is not the objective; fulfilling God’s purpose for your life is. 1. Focus on what God has given you, not on what He did not give you. One day, we too will give our final words. 2. Have an intimate relationship with God. 3. Serve God with a whole heart and willing mind—a person who really knows God will want to serve God. “The joy of the Lord is your strength!” —Nehemiah 8: 10 Every Christian is called to serve God. 4. Put God first in your life and everything else will find its proper order. Prayer is about getting our will in alignment with God’s Will. God answered Solomon’s prayer and gave him great wisdom. Solomon compromised his relationship with God. Solomon disobeyed God’s commandments and married a nonbeliever. It’s much harder to pull someone up than it is for them to pull you down. Solomon compromised his morality. In Hebrew, to seek and explore means, “to investigate the roots of a matter. ” Solomon looked to the pursuit of knowledge without God. After many years wasted, Solomon finally came to his senses. Solomon warned others to not make the same mistake (Ecclesiastes 12: 1). The end of a life is known by its beginning, and the evening by the morning of it. If you leave God out of the picture, your life is going to be empty, meaningless, and futile. Before you know it, you, like Solomon, will have more life behind you than before. You have two major dates in your life:  Your date of birth and date of death. Scripture Referenced 2 Corinthians 6: 14 Ecclesiastes 12: 13–14

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