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Life's Most Dangerous Word | Classic Crusade Message

A New Beginning

Christian talk radio with Greg Laurie

October 8, 2022

In this classic crusade recording, Pastor Greg Laurie preaches a message titled, "Life's Most Dangerous Word. " From this crusade event, we see the power of the gospel to change you and the power of God to satisfy your deepest longings.  Speaking to a large crowd, Pastor Greg gives tragic examples of people who pursue happiness and cannot find it in this world. The answer, we learn, is only found in a relationship with God, and we're invited to believe on the name of Christ today—not tomorrow. Pastor Greg Laurie states, "Life's most dangerous word is tomorrow. Tomorrow sounds so innocent, but it's life's most dangerous word. Tomorrow is the road that leads to the town called Never. Tomorrow is the barred and bolted door that shuts people out of Heaven."

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