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How to Have a Happy Holiday Season | Sunday Message

A New Beginning

Christian talk radio with Greg Laurie

November 27, 2022

We've all heard the phrase “it's the most wonderful time of the year. ” But is it true? Not for some of us. That's why Pastor Greg Laurie's offering us a Christian perspective on how to make this holiday season a joyful one. Don't miss this valuable, encouraging message. Notes  There are more than 2, 700 passages in the Bible containing words such as joy, happiness, pleasure, laughter, gladness, feasting, and celebration. God Himself is happy. Jesus said, “I have told you this to make you as completely happy as I am. ” 1. Remember the reason for the season. Christmas is the celebration of the happiest message of all time. The only real happiness you will find is in Christ, not in Christmas but in Christ, not in merriment but in the Messiah.

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