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A New Beginning

Christian talk radio with Greg Laurie

January 15, 2023

Pastor Greg Laurie is continuing in our Walk This Way series! He’s taking us into the book of James where we find instruction and direction for walking in the way of Jesus. God loves us and accepts us as we are, but He does not want to leave us that way! Do not follow your heart; follow God’s heart (in other words, His Will). Instead of trusting our gut, we should trust in the Lord. The real problem is, we love ourselves too much. God is happy! Jesus said, “Happy are they that hear the Word of God and keep it.” God loves you and His plan for you is better than your plan. Wisdom is known by its actions. Wisdom is known by its good fruit. God’s wisdom is pure (moral purity). A wise person is not so arrogant to think they cannot learn anything; they will talk to a person, not about a person. We need to be bridge builders, not bridge burners. It is not enough to know about God; we need to know God.

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