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A New Beginning

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February 21, 2023

The Jesus Revolution & Evangelism | This Generation Needs the Gospel

We can send a text to someone on the other side of the planet at practically the speed of light. Through social media, videos can circumnavigate the globe as the event happens. It’s an exciting time for communication. And there’s nothing more important to communicate than the hope of Christ. Just when the world has so much capability, it also has so much need. Today on A NEW BEGINNING, Pastor Greg Laurie says it’s time we all do our part to get that message out.

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About A New Beginning

A New Beginning is the daily, half-hour radio program featuring pastor and evangelist Greg Laurie. Greg is senior pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside and Irvine, California. With some 15,000 members and multiple campuses, Harvest has become one of the largest churches in America. Greg teaches God's Word in understandable, practical and sometimes humorous ways--equipping listeners with the necessary tools to live out their faith. Since 1990 Harvest has hosted large-scale evangelistic events throughout the United States called Harvest Crusades. More than 5 million people have attended these life-changing crusades.

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Broadcast Episode


Honest to God | You Can't Fool God

In the movie industry, they talk about the “suspension of disbelief.” It’s all make-believe, right? But they try to make the costumes, and the special effects, and the acting so convincing that it suspends our disbelief. They hope we forget it’s fake. Or fiction, if you prefer. Today on A NEW BEGINNING, Pastor Greg Laurie points out that some people sort of act their way through life. They try to suspend our disbelief about how they’re really living. We’ll see that’s a fruitless pursuit.

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Honest to God | Being Genuine, Not a Hypocrite

When we hide behind a facade, a false-front, trying to pretend we’re someone we’re not, we’re not fooling God, right? He knows who we really are. In fact, He knows us better than we know ourselves. Well today on A NEW BEGINNING, Pastor Greg Laurie points out the peril of living an imitation life. It’s a disappointment to the Lord, and our act may not be believable to those around us either. It’s a good opportunity for a reset, and to live a life of transparent honesty going forward.

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Broadcast Episode

Monday, June 10

They Had Been with Jesus | Signs You're Right with the Lord

Jesus warned us that we may face persecution for our faith. It doesn’t mean we’re doing something wrong, in fact it may be an indication that we’re right with the Lord. Today on A NEW BEGINNING, Pastor Greg Laurie points to that characteristic and several others that show us how we’re doing. If we’re walking closely with the Lord, these traits will be obvious. It’s good insight, and a good opportunity to take some notes. Pastor Greg is in the book of Acts today, reading from the New Living Translation.

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Broadcast Episode

Sunday, June 9

The Power of Forgiveness | Sunday Message

Pastor Greg Laurie brings us a message on the power of forgiveness, a virtue every Christian should embrace. As he always reminds us, “Forgiven people should be forgiving people.” Hear all he has to say on the matter.

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Friday, June 7

Looking Ahead

We need to look forward, not backward.

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