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What Is the Rapture? And Why It Matters! | Sunday Message

A New Beginning

Christian talk radio with Greg Laurie

August 6, 2023

God has great promises for believers who are living in the last days—of which the Rapture is one of the greatest. Listen in as Pastor Greg Laurie explores what the Bible says about this future event and how it changes the way you live today. When a believer dies, they go to Heaven, because death means separation, not annihilation. Humans do not cease to exist; we simply change our address. Our physical bodies will be transformed at the Rapture. The world itself will not end or cease to exist, but this evil age will come to an end (1 John 2:17). One of the signs of the end times is a greater awareness of Bible prophecy (Daniel 12:4). The return of Jesus Christ is described for us many times in Scripture. There are over 300 passages that deal with Christ’s return, and one verse in 25 mentions the Lord’s return. One of the big signs of the Last Days is the gathering of Israel to their homeland. Scripture tells us Israel will be attacked (Ezekiel 38; 39). After Israel is attacked, God will pour out His Spirit on them in a great revival (Romans 11:25).

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