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A New Beginning

Christian talk radio with Greg Laurie

September 17, 2023

Pastor Greg Laurie starts a new series called “Joshua: Living in the Land of Promises” with an encouraging message on living a successful Christian life. New believers tend to be on fire: excited for church, Bible studying, having a healthy prayer life. But then a backslide happens: going back to the same sins, neglecting prayer and Bible reading. In this message we'll see how we can put a stop to that. Joshua is the story of the end of the wilderness wanderings of the Jewish people. God promises spiritual rest to those who believe in Him (Matthew 11:28). Jesus promises eternal life to those who put their faith in Him (John 4:14) and a rich and satisfying life to those who follow Him (John 10:10). The promises of God are like gift cards; they need to be claimed. God’s promises are exceedingly precious! For years, the Jewish people had cried out for someone to deliver them from Pharoah—God heard their cries and sent Moses to be that man. The Lord guided the Jewish people with the ultimate GPS: cloud by day, fire by night. Just as the Jewish people were slaves in Egypt, we were slaves to sin. Just as

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