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Christian talk radio with Damian Kyle

According to the Scriptures is the radio outreach of Calvary Chapel Modesto, located in California’s Central Valley. Senior Pastor Damian Kyle founded the church in 1985. Pastor Damian is known for his love of the Bible and his clear exposition of the Scriptures during his weekly teachings.

Recent Episodes

Mar 29

I Need a Miracle

Kicking off “Miracles,” a special nine-part series, Pastor Doug explains what a miracle is, how miracles still happen today, why we’re all candidates for miracles, what miracles can look like in the midst of it, and the role of prayer and fasting in the miraculous.

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Mar 22

The Book

Wrapping up our “Revealer of Mysteries” series through the Book of Daniel, Pastor Doug Sauder teaches from Daniel 12, showing us how confidence of eternal life allows us to live differently in the here and now, and encouraging us in the Lord to shine like stars in the world in this season of uncertainty and darkness.

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Continuing our series “Revealer of Mysteries: A Study Through Daniel,” in this message we dive into Daniel 10 and 11 with renowned Bible commentator and scholar David Guzik. Learn about some biblical prophecies that span both 300 years after the events of Daniel and also the end times.

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Continuing our “Revealer of Mysteries: A Study Through Daniel,” series, Pastor Doug Sauder shares from Daniel 9, one of the most significant prophetic passages in the Bible. In this message, we explore the power of prayer, the manner in which God hears and answers our prayers, and how prophecy always points us to Jesus!

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Are you struggling with your identity? Do you battle with anxiety and depression or thoughts of suicide? If so, know there is victory and hope for you in Jesus Christ! Watch as author, speaker, and founder of Life Without Limbs, Nick Vujicic, shares a powerful gospel message.

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