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Afghanistan and Ukraine - Front Line Perspective - Part 1

Allen Jackson Ministries

Christian talk radio with Allen Jackson

May 22, 2023

Knowing their friends were left in harm's way after the United States withdrew from Afghanistan, a small group of military special operations veterans led 17,000 American citizens and friends to safety. Join Pastor Allen Jackson to learn more about this story of courage, leadership, heroism, and God’s miraculous intervention in Afghanistan—as well as a current perspective on what’s happening in Ukraine. He interviews Chad Robichaux (Founder & President of Mighty Oaks Foundation, USMC Force Recon Veteran, Best Selling Author) Azizullah Aziz (Cultural Advisor / JSOC Combat Interpreter & Facilitator), and Kevin Weaver (President / CEO of The Warriors Journey), who gives insight on the unique battles and invisible scars our soldiers face when they return from combat—and how Jesus is the answer.

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