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September 29, 2023

Big Trouble Ahead - How to Respond

How often do we need to hear the Truth before we choose to follow it? In this sermon, Pastor Allen Jackson encourages us to strengthen the foundations of our faith by hearing God’s Word and putting it into practice. Ultimately, the foundation of our lives and our faith is Jesus, and the more clearly we realize that, the more stable our lives become. A firm foundation will carry us through any challenge, and we need to be intentional in building and maintaining it.

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About Allen Jackson Ministries

Allen Jackson is passionate about helping people become Christ-followers who respond to God’s invitations for their life. He has served World Outreach Church in Murfreesboro, Tennessee as senior pastor since 1989. Under his leadership, the fellowship has grown to a congregation of over 15,000. Through Allen Jackson Ministries, his messages reach people across the globe — through television, radio, Sirius XM, and online streaming. His teachings are also available in published books and other resources, including small group curriculum. Jackson holds degrees from Oral Roberts University and Vanderbilt University and has studied at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Pastor Jackson’s wife, Kathy, is an active participant in ministry at World Outreach Church.

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Let's Please God - Money Matters - Part 1

Here’s a clear action plan that will help us navigate what’s ahead: Let’s please God. In this sermon, Pastor Allen Jackson talks about some of the difficulties we’re facing as a nation, then offers a pathway toward contentment and peace: making consistent choices that please God. If we allow it, God will use our daily lives to influence, encourage, bless, and bring truth to the people around us—changing hearts, lives, and ultimately our nation. To know how to please God, we need to be familiar with His character and His Word. Pastor Allen offers biblical insight on what pleasing God looks like when it comes to money. When we focus on pleasing God, it opens our lives to His power, every place we go.

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Broadcast Episode


America - Restored or Rebuked

God is dealing with His people in our nation, and we can't afford to ignore it. In this sermon, Pastor Allen Jackson discusses issues the United States currently faces including lawlessness, illegal immigration, censorship, and division, and the role of God’s people in the face of this adversity. Our primary allegiance must always be to God’s eternal Kingdom, not an earthly nation, yet God has called us to stand in this time, in this place, for His purposes. Pastor Allen discusses the value of work, the paralyzing effects of fear, and the importance of living out our faith, exactly where God placed us.

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Broadcast Episode

Saturday, June 22

The End of this Age – Lord, We Are Listening

The two primary characteristics of the people of God are that they listen and obey. It’s not enough just to listen or recognize that God has said something; we must obey. We are in desperate need of listening to God and perceiving what He is doing, Pastor Allen Jackson says, and that is more about the attributes of our hearts than it is about our physical ability to hear. It is possible, he says, to be the people of God, and engaged in all kinds of religious activity, yet still be oblivious to what God is saying and doing. A person becomes a spiritual listener by putting off the old self and being made new in the attitudes of our heart and mind. When we allow the Holy Spirit to transform us, our hearts will remain tender toward the Lord and we can recognize what He is doing and participate in His purposes in the earth.

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Broadcast Episode

Friday, June 21

Faith Mountains - Then The End Will Come

The Bible makes it clear that time will come to an end. In this sermon, Pastor Allen Jackson discusses this truth and how it should influence the way we approach our daily lives. The end of our physical existence is not the end of us—our spirits live on. God has a plan for us beyond time, and we can choose to participate and help build His Kingdom today or go our own way. It can be hard to stand up for God and His Truth, and Pastor Allen offers several scriptures that remind us that our strength and security comes from the Lord, not governments, and not men. Let’s recognize the places we’ve been hesitant in our faith, repent, then step back into the arena as unrelenting advocates of Jesus of Nazareth as Lord, Christ, and King.

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Wednesday, June 19

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