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Step Out of the Crowd - Equity is Not the Objective

Allen Jackson Ministries

Christian talk radio with Allen Jackson

October 23, 2023

When Jesus interacted with crowds and the disciples, He didn’t treat everyone the same way. He drew close, strengthened, and invested in those who consistently choose to stand beside Him. In this sermon, Pastor Allen Jackson discusses how equity—equal outcomes for everyone—is not a biblical idea. God has a unique plan for each of our lives, and our response to Him shows whether we are trustworthy and faithful disciples—or not. As we examine the disciples’ lives, we see that following Jesus requires courage. It’s normal to feel frightened as we step forward in faith, but we need to be faithful to take that next step. Pastor Allen also discusses the importance of prayer and offers a simple way to make it a part of our daily interactions with our family, friends, and neighbors.

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