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Back to the Bible is a worldwide Christian ministry dedicated to leading people forward spiritually. Dr. Bryan Clark, senior pastor of Lincoln Berean Church serves as the daily Bible teacher on Back to the Bible. Using media and technology, Back to the Bible meets people at their own spiritual level and walks with them daily into a living, growing and passionate relationship with Jesus Christ by equipping and motivating them to engage Scripture daily.

Recent Episodes

Sep 18

Submission at Home pt. 2

"You husbands in the same way..." As Bryan Clark continues our study of 1 Peter 3, we'll turn our attention to the men in the marriage relationship. We'll consider what these verses meant to the people who first read Peter's letter, but more importantly, we'll see that the way we apply these verses today can have a dramatic impact both at home and in our communities.

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Sep 17

Submission at Home pt. 1

When everyone is selfish and self-centered, demanding their rights, there is no chance for flourishing. But, Bryan Clark reminds us, as the people of God we are called to something different and better. It's not arguments, but behavior that most demonstrates the power of Christ at work in us. Today, Bryan shows how these principles apply within the marriage relationship.

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Sep 16

Called for This Purpose pt. 2

There's an old saying that goes, "if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably a duck." But if someone talks like a Christian and behaves just like every other non-believer in the public arena, what conclusion will other people draw? As Bryan Clark continues in 1 Peter, we'll be reminded that there is a purpose to our salvation, and part of that purpose is to demonstrate Christ to a watching world.

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Sep 13

Called for This Purpose pt. 1

Peter's next instruction to believers as we continue our study in the Book of 1 Peter is one that has stirred up debate continuously for the last 2000 years. Bryan Clark helps us understand what Peter meant by asking servants to be submissive to their masters. We'll look closely at what this means, and does not mean for us today. More importantly, we'll understand how this fits within God's divine story of grace.

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Sep 12

Obeying God's Will pt. 2

Bryan Clark takes an unflinching look at the Bible's command for Christians to submit to government. Is there a place for civil disobedience? How do we effectively interact with people of different generations on matters of politics? How do we accomplish God's will when the government seems set against it? Find hope and encouragement as we continue our study of 1 Peter!

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Sep 11

Obeying God's Will pt. 1

What's the best way for a Christian to make an impact in a world that is hostile to Christ? Bryan Clark takes us to 1 Peter chapter 2 for an answer that may be surprising to some. According to Peter, it's not the quality of our arguments or clothing that makes the most impact, it's the quality of our transformed life in Christ.

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Sep 10

Chosen For Love pt. 3

Understanding leads to belief, and belief leads to behavior change. And when Christ-followers join together in love, the church becomes unstoppable. Bryan Clark takes a look at the foundation of the Church in Christian society and helps us to rediscover the wonderful message at the heart of our new position in Christ.

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