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Christian talk radio with Bryan Clark

Back to the Bible is a worldwide Christian ministry dedicated to leading people forward spiritually. Dr. Bryan Clark, senior pastor of Lincoln Berean Church serves as the daily Bible teacher on Back to the Bible. Using media and technology, Back to the Bible meets people at their own spiritual level and walks with them daily into a living, growing and passionate relationship with Jesus Christ by equipping and motivating them to engage Scripture daily.

Recent Episodes

Jul 17

Heavenly Wisdom pt. 2

Is there an alternative to the world's value system? Can we take our eyes off personal gain and selfish motives and live for something--Someone--greater than ourselves? The answer, of course, is YES! As Bryan Clark continues to unpack James 3, he encourages us to set our hearts on the transformative wisdom from above--heavenly wisdom.

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Jul 16

Heavenly Wisdom pt. 1

Bryan Clark challenges listeners to get to the source of what blocks spiritual growth. If we can identify the root of a sinful motive or a nagging struggle, we can hand it over to God, and let Him fix the problem. As Bryan explores James 3, he reminds us that the message of the gospel is a message of "brokenness and humility." As we receive Christ's teachings, we quickly discover that we cannot save ourselves. We need help. "So, in my brokenness and humility," Bryan says, "I cry out for a Savior. I surrender all to Him."

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Jul 15

Restless Evil pt. 2

James 3 makes clear what most of us feel: Our words can be so cruel. With our very tongues we can choose to bring hope to others ... or we can choose to destroy them. In this episode of Back to the Bible, Bryan Clark shares a warning from Scripture: "Whatever comes out of our mouths reflects what's in our hearts."

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Jul 12

Restless Evil pt. 1

According to James, evidence of saving faith is often revealed through a person's mouth, especially what comes out of it. In this episode of Back to the Bible, Bryan Clark reminds us of a sobering reality: We will be held accountable before God for what we say. Do we share eternal hope with a lost and broken world? Do we build up others with our words? Our words and deeds go hand in hand.

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Jul 11

Saving Faith Works pt. 2

If you died tonight, would you spend eternity with Jesus? Do you have a saving faith? Bryan Clark explores these questions as he unpacks James 2, reminding us that faith that saves us is a faith that works. It's not dead. It's not useless. It will manifest itself in works, in fruit, in evidence.

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Jul 10

Saving Faith Works pt. 1

What is the nature of saving faith? If a believer does more "talking" than "walking," could it be that their faith is stuck--or even worse ... dead? As he continues to unpack James 2, Bryan Clark encourages us to steer clear of empty talk and to begin infusing life into what we believe. How? With action. Bryan points to verse 17 for a clue: "Faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead."

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Jul 9

The Sin of Partiality pt. 2

Bryan Clark challenges Christians to avoid the "sin of partiality"--which means focusing on a person's outer appearance instead of their innate value. "It's rooted to the very core of our culture," Bryan says, "but when it begins to bleed into the church, that's when it's a problem." As he explores James 2, he encourages us to love people the way Jesus does: free from external judgments, valuing people because God values people.

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