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Christian talk radio with Janet Parshall

Best of In the Market with Janet Parshall is a fast-paced, news-oriented program that examines major news stories and relevant issues of the week. Janet evaluates newsworthy topics with guests and listeners using the Bible as a framework for discussion. Best of In the Market with Janet Parshall addresses issues important to Christian believers with an exciting mix of listener interaction and commentary from highly respected guests.

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Dec 10

Hour 1: Christmas Questions

Every question you have about Christmas andndash; but were afraid to ask. Thatandrsquo;s our topic today with a New Testament scholar. How old was Jesus when his parents fled to Egypt? Were there 3 Wise men or more? Why was Jesus born in a stable? Who saw the angels first? Call in early as the lines light up with questions about Christmas.

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Join us for a full hour of radio, beginning with some breaking headlines. We will hear the story of the recent birth of a "two-womb" baby and then round out the hour with a discussion on the UN Climate Change Conference in Madrid and whether or not the trillions of dollars the world has spent has impacted global warming.

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We desire revival in our personal relationships with Jesus, but many of us don't know how or where to begin. Although revival may be first of all a movement of God, too few resources offer practical guidance on how to align ourselves to receive it daily. Join us to hear from one man whose passion is for Jesus and for personal revival. Revitalize your heart and relationship with Jesus as you pursue Him.

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On "In The Market with Janet Parshall" we kicked off the week rediscovering the true joy of Christmas. We took you behind the gates of Buckingham Palace to discover the Christian faith of Queen Elizabeth. God's perfect plan for sexuality and true intimacy was rediscovered through His word. We shared more of the prayer needs of the entertainment industry. We got an update on the persecuted church. Now we've opened the phones to hear what you have to say about news-making headlines this week.

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Put on your running shoes because we are going the distance this hour. We start with the headlines of the day and then turn our sites toward Hollywood and how we can pray for those whom God has called into the world of creative arts. We then do a flyover of several nations to discuss the plight of our Christian brothers and sisters in areas where persecution is the highest. When you are done running, get ready to start praying!!!

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