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Bible Study Hour

Christian talk radio with James Montgomery Boice

A nationwide radio program preparing you to think and act biblically featuring the late Dr. James Montgomery Boice, former Senior Minister, Tenth Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, PA. This half-hour long program broadcasts Sundays.

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Nov 26

Why Did God Let this Happen?

In this new series, Dr. Boice begins by addressing one of the most practical aspects of the Christian life - the question of suffering. Thanks for tuning in to learn what the book of James has to say about the purpose of trials and the answer to that age-old question, Why Did God Let This Happen?

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If we're honest, we'd have to admit that we tend to give very little thought to the most important event that will ever occur in human history- the 2nd coming of Jesus. When Christ returns, it won't matter where you live, how the economy is doing or where you're going for lunch.

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The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse: pick up the newspaper or turn on the TV and you'll find evidence of their work in this world. Wars, bloodshed, famines and death. When our world feels like a chaotic mess of sin and injustice, we wonder Has God been kicked off His throne? In this message, Dr. Boice explains how these horsemen and the realities they symbolize relate to God's ultimate plan.

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What if you could get a glimpse into the future and know what the culmination of human history would look like? Would that insight help you better understand the purpose of your life today? If so, open to Revelation 5 and listen closely as Dr. James Boice walks us through a riveting passage from Johns prophetic vision concerning the end times and the mysterious Lion Who Is The Lamb.

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We no longer live in a singing culture. We listen to people sing, but the picture of a family gathered round the piano in the evening is an image from the past. Join Dr. James Boice on The Bible Study Hour as he examines Psalm 149, a psalm that encourages God's people not just to sing, but to sing a new song!

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