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Choose Life Radio is hosted by Jill Taylor. Her commitment to Christ and passion for life issues led her to found the Choose Life Radio Network. The half-hour weekly radio broadcast features interviews with persons known for their strong commitment to life.

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May 24

Vitaliy Sorokun

We are hearing a lot about Ukraine right now, however, we aren't hearing from the heart of the Church in Ukraine. Our guest today will share from his heart experiences of those who have been able to flee...and those who remain in Ukraine. This wonderful interview is a call to all Christians to pray, pray, PRAY!

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Dr. Ben Carson is slow to anger and amazingly quiet, even when being interviewed. But, in the midst of his interview, he giggled about something and that's when we got to see the precious personality of Dr. Ben Carson. His story begins with a broken family--a mother trying to balance two jobs every day while having to leave two boys alone. Ben Carson is who he is today because of his amazing mother who made sure he was educated, polite and staying away from the gangs!

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Tiffany Matthews addresses very personal, very touching  issues about miscarriage, and she uncovers the pain and loss many women have experienced without much support. There is no celebration with miscarriage. There is no baby shower, and there is no baby. Tiffany touches the hearts of many women who have experienced this loss.

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Yes, John Stonestreet is a close friend of Choose Life Radio. And his interview today is about our culture. He weighs in on the topic of schools influencing our youth and the pressure to accept gender changes in young lives. Listen in, and you will be better able to influence your school board.

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May 1

Connie Hagan

Connie Hagen shares in her book, Drinking the Cup, the story of being an ordained pastor and a professional counselor--helping women recover from trauma. Through her ministry she has cultivated an ability to connect with women who have experienced suffering, loss, brokenness, grief and shame. This is a strong story from a strong woman!

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