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Choose Life Radio is hosted by Jill Taylor. Her commitment to Christ and passion for life issues led her to found the Choose Life Radio Network. The half-hour weekly radio broadcast features interviews with persons known for their strong commitment to life.

Recent Episodes

Aug 12

Dr. Haywood Robinson

Dr. Haywood Robinson gives us a picture of LIFE. . . first his time with his wife, Noreen, as they both gained lots of money doing abortions, and second, as God touched Haywood's heart. What a difference a LIFE of salvation is!

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If you missed his first interview last week, please go back to grasp the issues youth deal with, especially as a migrant to this country. Part 2 is the completion of Neil's very difficult story. God is our redeemer!

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Neil Alvarado is a personal friend of the Taylor family. As a teenager, Neil attended a Bible Study for Christian Athletes that took place in our home. While Neil asked for Christ to enter His heart, his home, his parents and grandparents told him he would never amount to anything. His interview is beyond painful as well as redemptive.

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Scott is a great guest to invite back, because his understanding and wise counsel is such a help. He shares how we are to navigate our own state's preference of dealing with abortion. And perhaps, every bit as important, that every child is a CHILD at conception. So the discussion of 3 months, 6 months, 9 months being considered when our laws should allow NO abortions. . . well, because "a person's a person, no matter how small!"

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Jul 11

Herbie Newell

Herbie Newell fully shares the loving gift of adoption. Before joining Lifeline Children's Services as their Executive Driector, Herbie was the Senior Accountant for Warren, Averett, Kimbrough, & Marino, an accounting firm in AL. Trust this, every non-profit organization would love to have a top-notch accountant on staff, but Herbie's heart is for the child waiting to be adopted, hoping for a home where a family wants them as their own.   Lifeline Children's Services places children in Christian homes. What an accomplishment as you hear Herbie's story.  

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