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Choose Life Radio is hosted by Jill Taylor. Her commitment to Christ and passion for life issues led her to found the Choose Life Radio Network. The half-hour weekly radio broadcast features interviews with persons known for their strong commitment to life.

Recent Episodes

Nov 30

Greg Mack

Two men took time away from their work to write a "Booklet" about LIFE titled Abortion: The Case For Life--Clarity for the Christian. Greg Mack spoke on Choose Life Radio for the two of them, but for sure, these two warriors for LIFE wrote something we can share with anyone considering an abortion. Check out Abortion: The Case For Life by Mitch McKelvey and Greg Mack. And then stock your shelves so you have something easy to understand, valuable to hear and worth the "voices" of all the innocent aborted children.

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Nov 17

Julz Savard

Julz is a first-time mom with Harper. Her work, however, is all about babies! Julz is the Communications and PR specialist at Save the Storks, where she writes copy for all the marketing materials needed for centers and supporters. Her gift is ensuring that Save the Storks' messaging is always consistent and on brand.

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Nov 14

David Hughens

David Hughens is a Christ follower and he's working on his first crowdfunded film. Made With Love stars an individual with Down Syndrome. David is passionate about this movie because he wants people who view Made with Love to grasp the tremendous value we have in the lives of those born with Down Syndrome. And it's crowdfunded, so you and I can add our support financially. Good deal all around!

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Coach Terrell Young cares about kids! He currently serves Wake County Public School System as a School Administrator. His gift if counseling students, encouraging them to engage and thrive! His Pastor's heart plays a big part as students see him as the REAL DEAL!  Just call him "Coach!"

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Oct 26

Khila Coleman

Unfortunately, crimes are being committed all across America. Today's guest is Khila Coleman, and she is the first victims assistance coordinator in Hutto, TX - just outside Austin. Her kind and gentle voice gives us a taste of how she helps victims calm down from a terrifying experience. Listen in...he'll immediately be your new friend!

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