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Choose Life Radio is hosted by Jill Taylor. Her commitment to Christ and passion for life issues led her to found the Choose Life Radio Network. The half-hour weekly radio broadcast features interviews with persons known for their strong commitment to life.

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Dec 29

Crissy Stanley - Choose Life Radio

Most notably known as the single mommy of Twin Miracle Babies, her story is a teeter-totter series of very difficult decisions.  Undergoing a botched abortion, Crissy experienced a second tragedy. She was carrying twins, and now there was concern if both would survive. Crissy's experiences brought her to become a pro-life advocate, an aspiring author and an appearance in Benjamin Watson's movie "Divided Hearts of America." Don't forget to support this Life-affirming ministry by making a monthly gift! 

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Aaron Snell joins his wife, Holly, as they share the ministry of Hope Women's Center in McKinney, TX.  Aaron, who has pastored a church prior to officially heading Men's Ministry at Hope, is a strong asset for Holly.  He has successfully done what most centers can't achieve--a strong program to help dads become nurturing fathers and husbands. It ain't easy...but for God! 

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This reclaiming story of God's hand on Jodie and Billy Ballenger takes you to the effective touch Billy has when he speaks to young people from junior high to high schools all over the nation. His music is electric, his songs beautiful, and his life...redeemed!  Jodie and Billie have experienced the hardness of this world and found Jesus Christ to be the answer! Support this Life-affirming radio ministry. 

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On September 12, 1988, Billy was living a life of deceit and rage, but that lifestyle came to an abrupt end. He and his new wife Jodie had just used the last of their stash of drugs and Billy thought a bath sounded good. But instead of a relaxing soak, Billy got an unwelcome surprise. A SWAT team raided the Ballenger’s home, having been dispatched to apprehend Billy for his involvement in the recent violence and burglaries in the area. Billy was grabbed and thrown against the wall with the barrel of a 12-gauge pump shotgun pressed against his head. Billy and Jodie were arrested and their young 9-month-old daughter Mindy was taken from them.  Billy and Jodie were sentenced to 6 years each in the Indiana Department of Corrections. 

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Paige Cunningham serves Taylor University as the President, but when seen on campus, she looks like one of the students! Cunningham has extensive academic scholarship and professional experience, with an emphasis in bioethics, public policy, and pro-life issues. She has served as the Executive Director of The Center for Bioethics & Human Dignity. Earlier in her career, Cunningham was President of Americans United for Life, a national pro-life advocacy organization in Washington, D.C. Please consider a generous one-time or monthly gift to Choose Life Radio during this critical time by clicking here.

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