Did Jesus Do Away with the Law? on Bott Radio Network

Did Jesus Do Away with the Law?

Christian talk radio with Adriel Sanchez and Bill Maier

January 15, 2020

Dr. Michael Horton and Adriel Sanchez answer caller questions. Key questions answered in today's show: 1. What did Jesus mean in the sermon on the mount when he made statements, “you have heard it said, but I say to you...” Is Jesus doing away with the law? 2. As believers in this day in age when you die, do you go directly to heaven; or do you sleep until the day of the Lord? I have seen Scripture that can go both ways. The Bible says that you know nothing in the grave. It says that David is still in the grave sleeping. 3. What do people mean when they say that the Bible is the word of God? 4. How do we respond when people point to the Bible as a means to spread misogyny?

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