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Encounter KSIV

Christian talk radio with Judy Redlich, Harold Hendrick

Join hosts Judy Redlich on Tuesdays and Harold Hendrick on Thursdays for Encounter KSIV as they uncover some of life’s current issues from a Biblical perspective.

Recent Episodes

Oct 22

Catherine Davis and Allan McGuirl // October 22, 2020

Civil Rights champion Catherine Davis talks about her involvement with pro-live issues. Then, Allan McGuirl talks about ministry through solar-powered radios worldwide.

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Alveda King, granddaughter of Martin Luther King Jr. talks pro-life issues and her book, "Why Trump?" Then Emma Mae Jenkins talks about God-given, Christ-centered relationships.

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Jim Cochran gives a testimony of his life turned around after years in prison. Then, Connie Eller tells us about recent pro-life activities.

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Ferguson Mayor Ella Jones and Jose Aguayo, chaplain to the Ferguson police force, talk about promoting racial healing.

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Pat Bradley tells how he was saved from alcolholism and led into a ministry to victims of sex trafficking. Then Allan McGuirl updates us on Galcom International, which has produced and distributed more then 2 million special radios in over 160 countries.

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