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Encounter KSIV

Christian talk radio with Judy Redlich, Harold Hendrick

Join hosts Judy Redlich on Tuesdays and Harold Hendrick on Thursdays for Encounter KSIV as they uncover some of life’s current issues from a Biblical perspective.

Recent Episodes

Apr 20

Anne Schlafly Cori // April 20, 2021

Anne Schlafly Cori, chairman of Eagle Forum, discusses her book: "Sex, Lies and Children"; she also discusses the hidden truths about border children.

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Phil Hunter explains his ministry of reaching every home through technology and prayer. Then, David Garrison talks about penetrating ethnic groups in cities.

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Carole Fouse tells us about a Churches for Life event called Life Summit. Then, C. R. Kersten gives us information on the upcoming Adult and Teen Challenge Gala event on April 30th.

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Missionary, David Garrison explains the T4T (Training for Trainers) method of church planting. Then, Kathy Forck talks about the Midwest March for Life.

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George Robertson talks about his book, "Soul Anatomy." Then David Smith discusses the Joni and Friends ministry and how Covid has affected it.

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