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Encounter KSIV

Christian talk radio with Judy Redlich, Harold Hendrick

Join hosts Judy Redlich on Tuesdays and Harold Hendrick on Thursdays for Encounter KSIV as they uncover some of life’s current issues from a Biblical perspective.

Recent Episodes

Jul 27

Alissa Johnson (Protect Young Minds Online Act), Marco Van Raalten (10 Days of Prayer) // July 27, 2021

Alissa Johnson of Concerned Women for America discusses the Protect Young Minds Online Act. Then Marco Van Raalten talks about the 10 Days of Prayer event and the weekly meetings leading up to it.

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Steve Rhoads Informs us of Franklin Graham's "Route 66 -- God Loves You Tour." Then, Jerry Wiles discusses ministry in Africa.

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Paul Curtman tells us about the upcoming Defense of Liberty Dinner. Then, Shelby Abbott discusses his book, "Doubtless: Because Faith is Hard."

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David Garrison and Ying Kai Talk about the beginnings of the ministry approach, Training for Trainers (T4T).

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Andy Adams talks about the Messiah's Mission Tour and Ministry. Then, Jeremy Smith tells us about the Rethink 315 Student Retreat.

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