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Encounter KSIV

Christian talk radio with Judy Redlich

Join host Judy Redlich on Encounter KSIV as she uncovers some of life’s current issues from a biblical perspective.  Hear incredible stories and thought-provoking interviews conducted by Christian life coach and broadcast veteran, Judy Redlich.

Recent Episodes

Jul 29

Randy Mayfield (Unity in the Lou), Zachary Klein (Gateway Creation Conference) // July 29, 2020

Randy Mayfield talks about "Unity in the Lou" an event in St. Louis to promote unity. Then Zachary Klein tells about the "Gateway Creation Conference", bringing awareness and appreciation of the works of God through creation.

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Jody Token joins Judy to discuss "The Great Flip," an online self-defense and life skills curriculum.

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Judy talks to Brandon Wilkes about efforts to bring about racial reconciliation in St. Louis.

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Brian Westbrook, the executive director of Coalition for life St. Louis joins Judy to discuss pro-life issues.

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