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Encounter KSIV

Christian talk radio with Judy Redlich, Harold Hendrick

Join hosts Judy Redlich on Tuesdays and Harold Hendrick on Thursdays for Encounter KSIV as they uncover some of life’s current issues from a Biblical perspective.

Recent Episodes

Feb 23

Joy and Blake Elder // February 23, 2021

Joy Elder and her son Blake tell about their missions trip to Zambia through African Vision of Hope, and talk about the great needs there.

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Larry Rice describes his ministry to the homeless and poor. Then Kirk Boyenga tells the stories of his ancestors, John Alden and Pricilla Mullen from the Mayflower.

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Anne and David Work talk about funeral services during the pandemic.

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Ted Winters and Doug Burris talk about ministry to prisoners in st. Louis County. Then Dr. Anthony Allen tells of prison ministry education for both those in and out of prison.

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Marco Van Raalten talks about pastoral collaboration and concentrated Prayer gatherings for the greater St. Louis area.

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