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Encounter KSIV

Christian talk radio with Judy Redlich, Harold Hendrick

Join hosts Judy Redlich on Tuesdays and Harold Hendrick on Thursdays for Encounter KSIV as they uncover some of life’s current issues from a Biblical perspective.

Recent Episodes

May 13

Dan Allan (Cru ministry) and David Smith (World View Con) // May 13, 2021

Dan Allan talks about the historical ministry of Cru. Then David Smith discusses the World View Conference.

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Alan Dershowitz talks about the new censorship. Then Emily Grace and Lew Sterrett discuss an upcoming Sermon on the Mount event involving horses.

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David Smith gives details on an upcoming World View Conference. Then, Dan Allen talks about a promotion of a national send off for High School Seniors.

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Anne Schlafly Cori Discusses packing the court and mandatory vaccinations. Then, Kate Stratton talks about getting involved in the political process at a local level.

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Mark Harder talks about the St. Louis County Government, the Covid virus and Christians in Government.

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