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Encounter – Special Edition

Christian talk radio with Chris Meikel

Special Encounter, hosted by Bott Radio Network's Chris Meikel, includes discussions with a variety of guests about topics of interest and importance to the Christian community.

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Sep 22

Special Encounter // House of Hope Kansas City

House of Hope Kansas City is serving families all over the Kansas City area and the Midwest region through their residential program. Throughout the program, residents experience the transforming power of love, and are equipped with tools to overcome negative influences and past trauma as they rebuild relationships with their parents and families. Tim Overby, House of Hope's Executive Director, joins Chris Meikel for a discussion about this Biblically based organization on Friday's Special Encounter on Bott Radio Network.

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The Family Research Council’s Pray/Vote/Stand Summit was held in Washington, D.C. this past weekend and Bott Radio Network’s Chris Meikel and Eben Fowler were there to provide coverage for BRN listeners. In today’s broadcast, Chris and Eben provide a recap of the event, including interview excerpts from several of the event’s speakers, including FRC President Tony Perkins, Gary Bauer, John Sorensen, and Sonja Shaw, a mother and parent in Chino Valley, California who was elected president of her local school board and who has led the district to protect parental rights. For more information, please visit https://prayvotestand.org/

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On Friday's Special Encounter, Chris Meikel welcomes Porsche Seals, Executive Director of Caring For Kids KC. They're helping churches, businesses, and civic groups to collaboratively join forces to support schools in their community and establish powerful partnerships to help students reach their potential. And Porsche gives us details on a city-wide prayer rally and prayer walks at area schools that you can participate in.

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The battle continues to keep the state of Missouri Pro Life. On Wednesday's Special Encounter, Eben Fowler and Chris Meikel talk with Susan Klein, Executive Director and Chief Lobbyist from Missouri Right To Life. Susan reviews Missouri's Trigger Law, talks about initiatives that we could see on future ballots, and gives Missourians actions step to take on the way to victory in keeping the Show Me state pro life.

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Russ Tuttle, founder of Stop Trafficking Project, talks with Chris Meikel on this Special Encounter on Bott Radio Network about a free, eye-opening presentation he's giving on September 14 that addresses what is happening in our own backyard as it pertains to trafficking of children. Also, Chris talks with Dave Keener with Maranatha Christian Academy as the school celebrates its 50th anniversary.

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