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Special Encounter // Mark Houck

Encounter – Special Edition

Christian talk radio with Chris Meikel

February 22, 2023

Mark Houck has served as a sidewalk counselor in front of abortion clinics for more than 20 years. In October 2021, while standing outside a Philadelphia Planned Parenthood clinic, he and his 12 year-old son were harassed by a clinic escort, who persisted in confronting Mark’s son and spouting expletives. After repeated requests to back off, Mark pushed the volunteer away and the volunteer fell. The Philadelphia Police Department and prosecutor determined that no charges would be filed. The volunteer later filed a complaint that was eventually dismissed. Fast forward to September 23, 2022, and Mark and his family, who live two hours outside Philadelphia, were awakened by a large contingent of heavily armed FBI agents and Pennsylvania state troopers, as a result of a federal grand jury indictment for two counts of violating the FACE Act. This is a story of extreme government overreach, and you’ll want to hear how the story ended.

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