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Every Last Word features the Bible teaching ministry of Dr. Philip Graham Ryken. The mission of this ministry is to broadcast clear Bible teaching that glorifies God and helps people grow by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. This weekly program helps Christians apply God's Word to everyday living.

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Nov 22

Dead and Buried

There were things to be done. Preparations had to be made. Jesus had died. A secret Christian courageously makes his faith known and takes Jesus' body to be buried. And the women who loved Jesus, go to anoint Jesus' body with oil and spices.

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The sky would go dark. A curtain would be torn from top to bottom. Nothing could stop the inevitable. Jesus was dying. God had turned His back on His only Son. But the end is in sight! A light can be seen!

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Who would you consider to be the luckiest person in the world? Someone with a lot of money, or maybe a football player with a couple of Super Bowl rings? How about someone who came to trust Jesus at the last possible moment of his life?

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Have you ever done something really, really bad to someone? And then amazingly they forgave you? What if it was the worst sin possible? Would you still expect to be forgiven? You know what? Jesus forgave those who crucified Him.

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On the way to the cross, Jesus passed many who were shedding tears. But he would not let them cry. There are events to come that are more pressing for them to be concerned about.

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