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How does your faith in Jesus influence your daily financial decisions? As believers, our faith must be the foundation of our financial stewardship, which is why we're excited to announce that the MoneyWise radio show is now Faith & Finance. Join Rob West and special guests as they address today’s financial questions with biblical answers. To be a part of the broadcast, call 1 (800) 525-7000 or you can email your questions to: [email protected]

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Sep 20

3 Steps to Bless Your Pastor With Brian Kluth

Brian Kluth is a best-selling author and national spokesman for the annual Bless Your Pastor initiative, organized by the National Association of Evangelicals. The initiative provides a three-step program for churches to bless their pastors and staff, including downloading free materials, taking up an appreciation offering, and publicly honoring the pastor and staff. The "50 Ways to Bless Your Pastor" resource provides ideas on how to pray for, affirm, encourage, and offer practical assistance to pastors. Collecting an appreciation offering is a gift to help pastors and staff, and celebrating can involve various forms of recognition or appreciation. All materials and information can be found at Rob also answers listener questions about converting traditional retirement accounts to a Roth IRA, starting a Roth IRA with a monthly contribution, taking a lump sum or an annuity from a pension, and making a checking account earn more interest without taking risks.

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Mark Biller, executive editor at Sound Mind Investing, recently published an article on market valuation. Market valuation is the process of assessing the worth or value of the stock market or individual stocks within it. It helps investors assess whether prices are reasonable, manage risk, allocate assets, and make informed decisions. Market valuation is not a useful short-term timing tool, but it can inform long-term financial planning. Most measures suggest that the market is currently expensive, although valuations have moderated slightly from late 2021. Rob also answers listener questions about Certified Kingdom Advisors, car repair costs, and 17-year term life insurance policies.

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By 2030, Baby Boomers are expected to pass nearly $68 trillion in assets to their children, primarily millennials. This has raised concerns about the impact of declining church giving as Boomers pass away. To address this, Christian Boomers can leave a legacy of generosity by engaging with their family, planning their estates to include charitable giving, and educating and encouraging their heirs. Estate planning can include strategies for supporting churches, ministries, or missionaries, and ethical wills can capture life stories, religious values, ethics, and beliefs to pass on to future generations. Financial literacy should also be a focus to ensure heirs are prepared to handle the wealth they receive, promoting stewardship and generosity.

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Men and women often approach life differently, and this is especially true in relationships. While broad generalities don't apply to every couple, common patterns in differences between spouses can be seen in the areas of risk tolerance, task specialization, and decision-making. Men tend to have a higher risk tolerance and take the lead on big-picture decisions, while women often handle day-to-day expenses and prioritize safety and alignment with family values. Compromise is key for the family's benefit, and couples should strive to listen to each other's input and make decisions together. The National Christian Foundation is hosting two women's events in October to discuss this topic in more detail.

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Despite statistics showing that 54% of American employees are happy with their jobs, 83% of us are suffering from work-related stress. This begs the question: as a believer in Christ, why are we working in the first place? The Bible offers us an example of a woman of noble character who works with eager hands, gets up while it is still dark, provides food for her family, considers a field and buys it, sets about her work vigorously, opens her arms to the poor, speaks with wisdom, and does not eat the bread of idleness. Most importantly, she follows and honors the Lord. We can learn a lot from her example about working as unto the Lord. Finally, Proverbs 3:5-6 reminds us to trust in the Lord with all our heart and lean not on our own understanding.

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