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Faith & Finance (formerly MoneyWise)

Christian talk radio with Rob West

October 19, 2017

It's very important to prepare for the rest of our lives in this world. However, we won't always live here, so it's critically important to prepare for the next place as well.  On today's program, Rob West and Steve Moore share what God's Word has to say about preparing for our next life when it comes to how we handle our money. Next they answer your questions on any financial topic at at (800) 525-7000 and [email protected] Compass1.org about the following: - Is it a good idea to use business credit cards for tithing?  - How can you rebuild credit after a bankruptcy?  -Does it make sense to install solar panels to lower your electricity costs?   Mentioned on today's program: The Navigating Your Finances God's Way study and the Compass Money Map Be sure to check out our website,Compass1.org, for a number of helpful resources (we’re on Facebook, too: Compass - finances God’s way). And thanks for your prayers and generous financial support which allow us to keep MoneyWise on-the-air!

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