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Christian talk radio with Rob West

October 30, 2017

On today's program, Rob West and Steve Moore discuss how important the topic of money was to Jesus. They touch on topics such as materialism and greed and also discuss what we should be aiming for when we think about money and finances. Next they answer your questions on any financial topic at at(800) 525-7000and [email protected] about the following: - I would like to pay off my sons mortgage on his house when I pass away. Can I do that? -How is it possible that I was impacted by the Equifax data breach but my husband wasn't? -How much should I put into my companys deferred comp program? Be sure to check out our website,, for a number of helpful resources (were on Facebook, too: Compass - finances Gods way). And thanks for your prayers and generousfinancialsupportwhich allow us to keep MoneyWise on-the-air!

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