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Weird Job Interview questions

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December 15, 2017

After a lot of hard work you've finally reached the job interview for the company you really wanted to work for. It's a great opportunity. It fits your skill-set, offers terrific company benefits, and it's a short commute. You're prayed, psyched up and ready for anything ... until you're blindsided by the first question: Who would win a fight between Spider-Man and Batman? What?! On today's program Rob West and Steve Moore discuss how you can be prepared many of the standard questions you're likely to get during an interview, as well as a few not-so-standard questions you may run into. Next, they answer your questions at (800) 525-7000 and [email protected], including questions about the following: - What should you do with an inherited home you don't intend to live in? - What is the best kind of loan to take care of home-related expenses? - Is it wise to invest in the stock market right now given that it appears to be inflated at the moment? Mentioned on today's program: Howard Dayton's book Free and Clear Be sure to check out our website,, for a number of helpful resources (were on Facebook, too: Compass - finances Gods way). And thanks for your prayers and generousfinancialsupportwhich allow us to keep MoneyWise on-the-air!

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