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Overcome the Fear of Networking

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December 17, 2019

Internet sites like Indeed, Monster, and LinkedIn make almost every job opportunity in the country just a click away! But this hasn't changed how 75% of all openings are filled by word of mouth. Hiring managers still fill most vacancies without ever advertising. So, making the right connections is still the best way to land your dream job. Learn more on today's MoneyWise with Kingdom Advisors president, Rob West. How do I get started in job networking? - Start small. Make a list of folks that might be able to help you with your job search. Consider each person then prioritize them. - Some people find networking difficult because they feel like they're being a burden to others. How do I overcome that? - Take notes of everyone you meet and what you talked about. Get their contact information. Put this information in a spreadsheet for easy access. - Write down an elevator pitch or speech. This is a 20- or 30-second summary of what you do and what type of job you're looking for. - If you're currently unemployed don't be shy about letting others know it! There's no shame in looking for work. Some contacts may go out of their way to pass along job leads to you. - Have an updated business card to hand out and have your resume up to date. - Heres the real secret to overcome the fear of networking: don't make it about you! Always ask your contacts how you can help them (and be genuine). In today's show we also answer your questions: -How much money should I have saved up for retirement? - What's the difference between a living trust and a will? - Should I tap into my home equity line of credit to help pay for my kids college? - I have power of attorney over my dads finances. I have my name on his checking and savings accounts but someone once told me that could be risky. Is that so?

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