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Create a Thriving Family Legacy With Jeff Rogers

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February 27, 2020

Wisdom, along with an inheritance, is good. Wisdom is protection just as money is protection. That's Ecclesiastes 7 telling us that leaving wealth for the next generation is good indeed but passing on wisdom is even better. And it's a subject most estate planners never talk about: how to transfer wisdom, not just money, to your heirs. Today on MoneyWise, Rob West talk to Jeff Rogers, author of Create a Thriving Family Legacy: How to Share your Wisdom and Wealth with your Children and Grandchildren. Share your family story with your children and what it was like growing up. It's about telling you story in the context of Gods story truly HIS-story! Decide on the key things you'd like to pass on to your children and grandchildren even mistakes you've made along the way. We call this the University of Hard Knocks! Decide on an inspirational challenge for your children. Challenge them to become all that they can be and all that the Lord wants them to be. Starting a family legacy starts with getting clarity and alignment about what's important to you and where you want your family to go. One thing you can do is to begin crafting your family vision, mission, and core values or guiding principles statements to inspire and guide children to serve as true north for future generations. Another part of building a strong family legacy is what I call Leaving nothing left unsaid that you will wish you had said things like I love you or I'm so proud of you, or in some cases, I'm sorry, will you forgive me? Effective wealth transfer is important, but intentional wisdom transfer and the transfer of family values, virtues and life lessons is even more important.

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