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Gender Issues in the Workplace

Faith & Finance (formerly MoneyWise)

Christian talk radio with Rob West

February 28, 2020

Women have always played a role in the workplace. But that role has changed over time and within different cultures. Today, workplace concerns have become social, political, and even legal. But what about biblical? Today on MoneyWise, Rob West, president of Kingdom Advisors, gives us a brief look at gender issues in the workplace. For several decades now, men and women have increasingly worked side by side and for longer hours in the workplace. And with men and women in contact with each other, the workplace became fertile ground for problems to take root. The Glass Ceiling. Women are promoted only so far up the corporate ladder before hitting an invisible ceiling that defines men-only positions higher up the ladder. We should point out, however, that women have made great progress breaking through the glass ceiling in recent years. Chauvinism. This would include joking and demeaning vocabulary that treats women as second class citizens. This type of behavior is more common than you think. But don't take my word for it, ask a few working women about it. Sexual harassment. Unwanted advances directed toward women in return for corporate or personal advantages (or in some cases just keeping their jobs). While laws and cultural changes have cast light on this and reduced the incidence of it, sexual harassment still goes on. Immorality. Promiscuity and adulterythis happens wherever humans are present because of our sin nature. But the temptation certainly increases when men and women are in close proximity. As Christians, we know that these problems are as old as sin because that's what this is and none of it can be justified. As always, the solution is in the Bible. While scripture offers clear teaching on the relationship of a husband and wife, nowhere does the Bible suggest that women are to be relegated to a position secondary to men in the workplace. If you're ever in doubt about your thoughts, words or deeds, just ask yourself, Is this how I'd want my wife, sister or daughter to be treated?

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