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Best Money Moves for Hard Times

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April 24, 2020

The economic forecast is grim as the coronavirus outbreak plays out. Experts predict a severe, if temporary, drop in the GDP, and recession a near certainty. What are our best money moves for hard times? The time to act is now. Take steps to shore up your financial ship and keep it afloat until the crisis passes. Financial planner and teacher Rob West walks us through those key steps. Not only has God promised to provide for our needs, but He owns everything.1 Corinthians 10:26 reads, For the earth is the Lords, and all it contains. So it's critical to remember that God is our Provider and is the true owner of all we have. This allows us to separate fact from fear. We can look at our finances as us being stewards only and ask ourselves, What would God want me to do with these resources? When we look at our money and possessions as if they belong to someone else, God, we can make decisions based on facts, not emotions. Nearly a third of us don't live by a spending plan. That's a luxury we can no longer afford! You've got to develop a written budget that identifies your necessary expenses and surplus income. If your income has been interrupted due to a layoff or reduction in work hours, you need to use what we call the Mayday Budget. It targets your spending at essentials only: food, housing, utilities and transportation. You can pay any other bills with what's left over or catch up on them later. But those four essentials come first. Cut all unnecessary expenses so that your dollars stretch farther. Cut any automatic debits for apps you're not using. Make a menu plan and prepare your meals at home. Cut your cable TV. Look for less expensive insurance that still gives you the coverage you need. And look at your cell phone plan; switch to something less expensive. Look at everything you spend money on and see if you can lower the cost or do without it completely. This crisis is a reminder that the future is uncertain. You should always be trying to pick up new skills and looking for ways you can be more productive on the job.

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