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Every Dollar of Profit Has a Story to Tell With Jason Myhre

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December 1, 2021

The purpose of investing is to earn a profit. The purpose of Man is to glorify God. Today, Jason Myhre joins Rob West to discuss how those two purposes can work in harmony with one another. Mark 8:36-37 reads, "For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul? For what can a man give in return for his soul?" Jason Myhre is Director of the Eventide Center for Faith Investing, an underwriter of MoneyWise. Eventide is in the forefront of the rapidly growing faith-based investment movement. Every dollar of profit has a story to tell. It’s important to question how the companies we invest in are earning their profits. The Bible contains more than 2,300 verses pertaining to money and possessions. What are all these verses trying to teach us? Are there any common themes among these verses? Philip Yancey, a pastor, cites a friend who thought about all these money verses in much the same way. And here’s what he discovered: there are only three main questions that the Bible is asking us about money. Three. THE 3 MAIN QUESTIONS THE BIBLE IS ASKING US ABOUT MONEY: 1. How did you earn this money? Was your earning righteous and just or was it dishonest or exploitative? This question extends to the companies in which we invest. How are they generating the revenue that we as investors benefit from? Pastor Randy Alcorn, who’s written a lot on the topic of money has this to say, "The average Christian whose retirement program is in mutual funds or stocks managed by others has no clue where God’s money is actually going." 2. What are you doing with it? Are you using money to overindulge in needless luxuries, or are you using much of it for kingdom purposes? 3. What is it doing to you? This is a fascinating question. How is your use of money changing you, and making you a different person, for better or for worse? Many of Jesus’ most trenchant parables and teachings go straight to the heart of the matter of money. You can learn more and receive updates about the activities of the Eventide Center for Faith Investing at FaithAndInvesting.com. LISTENER QUESTIONS: On today’s program, Rob also answers listener questions: ●I’m about to turn 72. I don’t need the money in my Required Minimum Distribution. I’ve heard you talk about giving that money directly to charity and avoiding some of the taxes. How does that work? ●What’s the difference between a will and a trust? Which do I need? And who can be a trustee? RESOURCES MENTIONED DURING THIS PROGRAM: ●TreasuryDirect.gov Remember, you can call in to ask your questions most days at (800) 525-7000 or email them to [email protected] Also, visit our website at MoneyWise.org where you can connect with a MoneyWise Coach, join the MoneyWise Community, and even download the free MoneyWise app. Like and Follow us on Facebook at MoneyWise Media for videos and the very latest discussion! Remember that it’s your prayerful and financial support that keeps MoneyWise on the air. Help us continue this outreach by clicking the Donate tab on our website or in our app.

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