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Investing In Turbulent Times with Benjamin Bailey

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March 19, 2022

It’s been a wild time on Wall Street lately. How should that affect investors who want to follow biblical principles with their holdings? Benjamin Bailey joins Rob West today to talk about investing in turbulent times. Benjamin Bailey is vice president of Investments and Senior Fixed Income Manager at Praxis Mutual Funds, an underwriter of this program. Benjamin Bailey said given the market turbulence of the past few months, it’s important for investors to think long term and not react rashly or emotionally to market shifts. INFLATION Although the SP 500 is down 7. 2% so far in 2022, it is still up almost 14% over the past 12 months. It is up 14. 9% average annual return over the last 10 years, so this has really been a blip on a huge upswing. Inflation has reached 7. 5% year-over-year which is the highest since 1982. So how should people connect this concern with their investment portfolios? But Bailey says inflation won’t last forever. It’s a temporary thing that is caused by multiple factors, and it’s important to not let it cloud your judgment or your overall portfolio allocation. STAY THE COURSE Again, keep long-term focus. Research indicates that investors who get nervous and pull their money out of the market in turbulent times, then try to jump back when the market appears to be on its way up, tend to fare more poorly than those who simply stay the course with a well diversified portfolio. Trying to time the market usually doesn’t work out in the end. Praxis Mutual Funds offers four optimized, indexed equity funds. On today’s program, Bailey explains what makes them optimized, and why Praxis has chosen to take this approach. Bailey also addresses the concerns of values-based investors and how Christians can ensure their investment dollars don’t fund activities that violate Biblical values. To learn more about Praxis, visit their website: LISTENER QUESTIONS On today’s program, Rob also answers listener questions: ●Is there a service that can help a person get a handle on their debt? ●Does a Christian cost-sharing ministry replace medical insurance or work alongside it? RESOURCES MENTIONED ●Christian Credit Counselors ●Christian Healthcare Ministries

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