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Faith Based Investing in Retirement Plans With Cassie Laymon

Faith & Finance (formerly MoneyWise)

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October 26, 2022

Proverbs 27: 23 tells us, Know well the condition of your flocks, and give attention to your herds. Our herds and flocks these days are our finances, including our investments. Do you know the condition of yours? We’ll talk about that today with Cassie Laymon. Cassie Laymon is president of LightPoint Portfolios, an underwriter of this program. She’s also a Certified Financial Planner and a Certified Kingdom Advisor. On today’s program Laymon shares her journey in learning about faith-best investing and what led LightPoint Portfolios to start working with company and church retirement plans. Laymon details the most common advice she gives to participants about investing for the future, including the importance of taking advantage of matching funds from your employer. Most Americans have a bulk of their savings in an employer-sponsored plans, LightPoint recognized the need for a 401(k) and a 403(b) platform that would provide Christian companies, churches and other groups, as well as their employees, the opportunity to align their retirement assets with their deeply held faith values. She explains how that works and offers the advice she gives to business owners about saving and investing and how best to help their employees save for the future. Laymon says that many of the people who oversee retirement plans (plan sponsors) don’t realize that it’s best-practice to benchmark their plan every three years. That includes doing a fee analysis. With that in mind, LightPoint offers a complimentary objective analysis of your company’s current plan to see where there might be opportunities for improvement and to make sure you’re clear about the fees you’re paying. She also explains what a participant can do if they want to invest in faith-based funds but find that they’re not available in their retirement plan. To learn more about LightPoint, visit LightPointPortfolioSolutions. com. On today’s program, Rob also answers listener questions: ● How do you know when it’s time to get out of the market? ● What is the best way to establish a retirement plan with limited savings?

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