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Everyday Investments Make a Difference for Kingdom Value

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December 2, 2022

We all want to align our faith with our investments, but are you only thinking of what to invest in or avoid? There are many ways you can make a real difference for the Kingdom and provide for your family. We’ll talk about that with Mark Regier today. Mark Regier is Vice President of Stewardship Investing for Praxis Mutual Funds. He’s been working in the field of faith-based investing for over 25 years. Romans 12: 2, Do not' conform to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Reiger says this is a powerful scripture because it can challenge us as Christians to be both humble and diligent, prudent and innovative, slow to anger, and committed to community. We should keep that verse in mind and see it as a challenge for how we approach the task of investing. Reiger has worked in the field of faith-based investing for a long time. He says there are many reasons why it’s taken so long for people to recognize there are a lot of ways to make an impact for Kingdom values. There is a long history of Christians reflecting their values only through screening out certain stocks, which has limited real impact. There’s also exciting, newer work being done through targetedoften privateinvestments seeking to build the kingdom, but they come with higher risks and limited access, often available only to high-net-worth investors. But today, a whole range of impact investing strategies are available to everyday investors that can make a meaningful difference in the world for Kingdom values. At Praxis, they integrate seven different impact strategies into as many of our five mutual funds as possible. But Reiger says Impact Bonds can also be used for shareholder advocacy. On today’s program, Rob West and Mark Reiger also explore what Impact Bonds are and how they can be used for kingdom purposes, as well as the definition and importance of shareholder advocacy and engagement. For more information, visit PraxisMutualFunds. com. On today’s program, Rob also answers listener questions: ● What is a single-life annuity?

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