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December 5, 2022

Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22: 6 It’s important to train our children. Once a year in December we like to tell you about one ministry that’s really doing the Lord’s work and deserves consideration for your year-end giving. We’ll hear from Mario Zanstra, who will share about the ministry of Family Legacy Missions International in Zambia. Mario Zandstra is President and CEO of Family Legacy. Family Legacy started 18 yrs ago in Lusaka, Zambia. Currently FamilyLegacy is caring for 14, 000 children by feeding them, providing physical care, helping them unpack their trauma and educating them. James 1: 27 talks about the widows, the orphans and the vulnerable. 37% of the kids served by Legacy Link are single or double orphans (meaning one or both parents have died). All of these kids live below the global poverty line. The median age in Zambia is 16. 7 (for your comparison the U. S. median age is 36), children raising children, due mainly to the AIDS epidemic that wiped out 10s or thousands of parents and left a million children orphaned. Four pillars of care for Zambia orphans: ● Spiritual - Family Legacy wants them to understand who Jesus is and respond to gospel ● Physical - Family Legacy provides meals for every child who goes to school; medical care at no cost to them or families ● Emotional - most of these kids are dealing with trauma ● Education - the children grow in the knowledge and wisdom of God and they learn how to read and write Legacy Academy consists of lower schools (1st - 6th grades) and upper schools (7th-12th grades) and then they have an opportunity to go to Excel Beyond. And some of their kids are going to private schools for college prep. Many of their students are scoring above the government school children. Family Legacy is launching a literacy program. Partnering with Hope International and Save the Children. They are helping the kids understand what saving means so they can start their own microbusiness. $500, 000 challenge grant; help provide sponsorships for kids that aren’t sponsored. FamilyLegacy. com. $20, 000 gift will send 40 kids to school for a year. To learn more about the work of Family Legacy, visit FamilyLegacy. com On this program, Rob also answers listener questions: ● I’ve been laid off since COVID, am living off my credit cards, and have about $10, 000 in debt. What should I do to climb out of debt? ● Long term investor getting close to retirement (2 yrs). What are your insights for the current downturn? Resources mentioned ● Find a Certified Kingdom Advisor ● ChristianCreditCounselors. org ● Eventide Investments ● Praxis Mutual Funds

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