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December 9, 2022

There are ten thousand banks and credit unions these days where you can open an account, but not many allow you to directly serve the Kingdom with your savings. Aaron Caid is the Chief Marketing Officer at Christian Community Credit Union. At CCCU, Aaron is able to align his faith with years of financial services experience. CCCU has a long history and just celebrated 65 years this past summer. It was founded by several Baptist pastors in California to help find financing for churches. CCCU expanded since then to serve Christ followers. Whether it’s a church needing financing for a new building, a couple purchasing their first home, a student opening their first checking account, CCCU is here to help their members manage their money wisely. CCCU’s values are rooted in Scripture. Matt 22: 37-38 Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. ’ This is the first and greatest commandment. Home and business mortgages, auto loans, checking accounts, savings accounts - are just a few services that CCCU offers. They have better rates and lower fees. CCCU partners with businesses to help business thrive and to build your business and help your ministry expand and therefore help the kingdom grow. As a faith based, not-for-profit member owned, CCCU products are designed to help their members thrive financially, but they also look at supporting Christian missions and causes that their members care about. You can join CCCU through your affiliation with your Christian church, ministry or school; join our charity partner Christian Alliance for Orphans, or join through a family member that is already a part of the CCCU. Become a member here. The money you deposit in the Credit Union helps churches grow, ministries expand, and individuals thrive. Whether it’s constructing or remodeling a new church building or funding a home loan, your money is working in the Christian community. On this program, Rob also answers listener questions: ● My mix in stock, both short and long term, has lost 20% in the last year. I pulled out much of my money and put it into I Bonds. Should I have done that? ● Through work I’m enrolled in a HSA, but my husband is in a FSA. But I’m told that this is not compatible. What should I do? Resources mentioned CCCU Find a CKA Sound Mind Investing

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