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January 5, 2023

The Bible is the most published and read book in history, and it contains wisdom about more than just faith - it also has verses about earning money. Jesus tells us that true peace comes from knowing that we’re reconciled with God through faith in Him, and that by focusing on God, everything we need will be added to us. Proverbs 12:11 and 14:23 remind us to work hard and plan carefully in all that we set out to do, and Ecclesiastes 5:3 encourages us to be diligent during the day so we can have peaceful dreams at night. Jesus also tells us to consider the cost of discipleship and to be honest in all that we do. Malachi 3:10 encourages us to give generously, and Psalm 37 reminds us that it's better to have a little with righteousness than much with wickedness. Rob also answers listener questions about investing, Social Security, pensions, and WWII savings bonds.

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