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Giving As a Couple with Bob Doll

Faith & Finance (formerly MoneyWise)

Christian talk radio with Rob West

March 2, 2023

Finding agreement on how to give to God's Kingdom can be a challenge for married couples, but it is essential to their financial decisions. Bob Doll, Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager at Crossmark Global Investments, shares with Rob West what he and his wife Leslie have learned about planning their giving as a married couple. Bob and Leslie have learned that it is not their money, but God's money, and that they should focus on the long term and God's plan. They have also learned to give away as much as possible while they are alive, and to compromise on their giving decisions. They have also found that prayer and research into the organizations they are giving to are essential to their giving decisions. Bob and Leslie have found that giving to God's Kingdom is an ongoing process, and that it is important to get engaged with the ministries they are giving to.

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